4 Compelling Reasons to Use IRCTC Enquiry System Online

The online IRCTC booking system has been a boon for frequent train travellers as it
takes away the hassle and stress of waiting in long queues just to book their travel
tickets. Though one might get several doubts while booking a ticket online this way,
the online IRCTC enquiry system makes things easier for users by giving a
comprehensive insight into all the details that are needed. If you are wondering why
you should use this enquiry system, here are few compelling reasons that can give
you all the needed information.
Check Seat/Berth Availability
Before booking a ticket in a specific train, you first need to know the number of seats
or berths that are available for the travel on a particular date from the source station
to the destination station. Finding this is simple as you can easily check the
seat/berth availability using the IRCTC enquiry system by just entering the travel
details like source station code, destination station code, and date of travel. This
service can also be used to check out the fare for seat or berth between a specific
source and destination station.
Check PNR Status
Checking the current status of your waitlisted or RAC train ticket is easy using the
online IRCTC enquiry system. All that a passenger has to do is enter his ticket’s PNR
number in the field provided and key in the Captcha code. Within no time, he can get
to know what the status is.
Enquire about a Specific Train
By just entering the train number, a passenger can get a lot of information about the
particular train, including its scheduled time of arrival and departure, all running
instances, and its current running status.
Trains at a Glance
This is a service on the online enquiry system of IRCTC that gives the passengers a
quick look into all the general information that passengers would want to know about
the Indian Railways, including advance reservation, pass and package tours, refund
rules, how to use the Indian Railway timetable, station code index, Indian Railway
map, and much more.
With such a host of benefits, there’s no reason as to why any passenger wouldn’t
want to use IRCTC’s online enquiry system, provided he just has access to internet.
This is much better than going through the prolonged, automated IVR system on
IRCTC enquiry number 139.

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