How to Book Ticket Using Internet and SMS?

Indian railway is one of the biggest and well-spread networks in the world. Now they are introducing latest technologies such as apps for different platforms.
One can book a ticket using internet and SMS. This is enabling the best technological
network among other rail services. All the bookings are done through IRCTC website.
IRCTC is an organization, which maintains the whole process and keeps all the data in
its data center. When someone is interested to book a ticket, the person can log on to
the website and book ticket by entering important details like source station, destination
station and date of journey. Users can select from the several options that will be
displayed and proceed by entering passenger details. If seats or berths are not
available under the general quota, one has to book in Tatkal or Premium quota, though
the costs of such tickets are a little higher.
After booking the ticket, a PNR number is generated, which is Passenger Name
Register number that contains all the details about the passenger like name, age, sex
and document details. All of them are stored in a secure place and can be used for
future reference.
PNR number is an alpha numeric number, which can also be used by the passenger to
get the confirmation about the seat status.
Now, IRCTC has introduced a new feature. If there are no food facilities in some trains,
you can log on to the site and order your desired food and it will be delivered within the
specific time. All the top food vendors operate here. So, you just have to order and it will
be delivered.
Recently, IRCTC has also introduced online shopping option, which allows its
customers to order something from their website.
With all the services that IRCTC offers, it’s not just a solution for booking tickets, but
also for all kinds of railway enquiries, food catering during travel and much more.

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