IRCTC and Its Benefits

Indian railway is the backbone of the nation to transport things and passengers from
one place to another. It started from the British period. Through all these years, it has
grown from a small network to the world’s most connected widest network. Earlier,
trains were running on coal power and then it turned to diesel engine; finally, it is
running on electricity. All the processes related with this are huge. Many people are
solely dependent on this network from their daily commute to workplace.
The Indian rail is managed by the government. Some of it parts are managed by
government registered companies such as IRCTC, which maintain the whole process of
ticketing and catering.
IRCTC is an organization, which is regulated under the government of India. It is
upgrading the whole process, which operates under IRCTC. They are bringing latest
technologies such as online ticket booking via app and website, which makes life easier
for the common people.
Just login to the website, select the details, confirm your booking and be ready to go.
After entering details, a PNR number will be created for every booking, which is
Personal Name Register wherein all details will be registered and used for future
reference. After booking the ticket, customers will get this alpha-numeric number, which
is used to track details of the customer.
IRCTC is speeding the process by updating the server and processor. They have data
of innumerable customers now. They are also working from business perspective by
launching their online shopping portal from where anyone can purchase things.
They are having 24*7 customer care number from where one can get the details of the
train. Real-time train tracking will be a reality within few years.

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